Our materials

Why Nano?

Nano particles or materials have been used for several centuries now, and are therefore not new to either nature or science. However with the advent of better tools and technique to closely observe and monitor them have recently moleculegiven rise to a whole new inter-disciplinary science called “Nanotechnology”. The materials at the nano scale display characteristic physical, chemical and optoelectronic properties, which are strikingly different from those of the corresponding bulk (micron size) materials. This has led to creation of many new materials and products, which have immense economic opportunity, and will greatly benefit our environment and the society.

UNTPL Advantage

UNTPL with its in-depth market and materials expertise, unique business model, proven infrastructure and commitment to consistent quality is ideally place to be a supplier of choice towards the needs of either nano-materials or nano-products.

UNTPL’s primary focus is to provide nanoproducts as per specific requirements of the customers. This includes untpl manfacturing processproviding nanomaterials in the form of aqueous suspension, non-aqueous suspension, paste, powder for various industrial applications. Our unique and proprietary production techniques adopt both ‘Top-down’ and ‘Bottom-up’ approaches to manufacture these nanomaterials in large quantities. Our key strength is the precise control of particle size, shape and surface charge to offer appropriate product based on the specific application. Our manufacturing process also ensures we produce consistent, high quality nanomaterials and products depending on the specific needs. Thus, works closely with customers to understand, customize, develop and supply nanomaterials derived products at best in industry costs.