Color Coat Industries

Company: Color Coat Industries (Crimson Paints) – Kolkata

Industry: Paints & Coatings

Partnership outcome: Development of long life decorative paints

As a leading manufacturer of decorative paints in Eastern India, Crimson paint had a tough challenge of providing a durable exterior paint that could withstand the harsh and humid weather conditions in Kolkata, and the wet and rainy conditions in north east India. Successful partnership with UNTPL has ensured that Crimson Paints, with the help of UNTPL’s unique nano-material derived formulations for In-Can and Dry-Film preservatives is able to now provide decorative paints to customers that are not only long lasting, but also a single formulation can withstand multiple weather conditions to provide the desired results. “UNTPL’s products have been a catalyst to our growth and our paints thus developed have found very good acceptance in the entire market segments. We are very happy to have partnered with UNTPL and we look forward to further strengthen this relation” – Mr. Majumdar (MD- Color Coat Industries).