P C Chanda & Co.

Client: P C Chanda & CoChanda-Paints

Industry – Paints & Coatings

Partnership outcome: Consolidating its leadership position in ductile iron pipe coatings

Mr. Rishab Sarawji (Director – P C Chanda Paint) talks about the strategic partnership they have with United Nanotech Products Limited for the R&D of new materials has helped in developing next generation high end coating systems for ductile iron pipes. “UNTPL has closely worked with us to understand our precise needs of compatible materials develop and supply them consistently to us. Their materials have enabled us to develop far superior anti-corrosion coatings. The coating materials thus developed are highly anti-corrosive in nature, yet cost effective. This unique combination has helped us to outpace all the competition in the segment and further consolidate or position as a leading supplier of ductile iron pipe coating supplier in India”.