UNP802A (Self Cleaning Additive)

UNP802A is a self-cleaning additive for water-based paints and coatings. Most of the external building walls become spoiled from automobile exhaust gases, which contain long chain, oily components.

With the addition of UNTPL’s hydrophilic UNP802A  into the paint formula, the dirt of the coated surfaces can easily be washed away by rain, keeping the building external wall clean for long times. Ultraviolet illumination on this special additive UNP802A leads to the formation of a photo-generated hole-electron pair that reacts with oxygen and water in the environment to generate potential cleaning agents on the surface of the coated material. The agents (•OH, •OOH) decompose large organic molecules to smaller fragments. The combination of photocatalysis and super-hydrophilicity allows grease and dirt to be swept away with water. Thus providing a cleaner surface.

The ready-to-use formulation comes in an aqueous suspension.